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A.LOG: High quality, flexible, user friendly and very low maintenance

A.LOG is kind of  the practical and efficient solution that interleaved towel producers expect.
A solution that incorporates attributes and requirements suggested by our longstanding end-users and supported by extensive research and development.

  • Maximum flexibility to handle packs with different compression levels (from 220 to 70 mm), developed and engineered to suit  specific customer requests and expected future needs .
  • Suitable for handling Kraft paper or LDPE or HDPE plastic films strips packaging, with excellent closure and compression quality, and package height selection during the wrapping and welding phase.
  • Outstanding speed, efficiency and performance; providing excellent savings on distribution costs (maximised pack compression = reduced shipping volume = savings in transportation costs) and reduced consumption of packaging materials.
  • Priced Fairly, to maximise return on investment

Stand-alone system 100% integrable on new or pre-existing lines

A.LOG is a versatile solution that can be readily integrated into existing lines with all types of binders and cutters.
The solution can be supplied as a basic machine with specific accessories for integration, or can be tailored to create a complete customized and fully automated packaging solution and layout, as a turnkey project including: conveyor belts, feeds and product handling, pick and place on log saw, case packers and palletizing systems.

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