We develop
Packaging systems
and solutions

CARBONCHI CTI Ltda was founded in 2015 with the intent of its Founder and Director to redefine and to develop projects acquired by other societies of the Packaging Industry.

The increasing demand of Consultancy, Revisions and Development of Packaging Projects on behalf of third parties has inevitably brought to the choice to continue and supply his own machinery with his own trade mark and business rights.

A continuously increasing volume of business

A volume of business with propensity to the constant and progressive growth of year in year is predominantly turned to the foreign market: Europe, North Africa, Arabic Countries, Central America.

In Italy, activities are intensifying in the supply of special lines mainly dedicated to optimization of space/output production/cost saving.

A continuous collaboration between
Our Staff and
the Customer

End-of-line packaging increasingly requires optimal applications in order to achieve profit and savings, without neglecting the quality of work, environmental protection and market demand.

The client collaborates and provides important inputs for the realization of his plant and to contribute to the research and development of new solutions.

High Technology and Experience

A multi-year knowledge of the technologies applied in the Packaging and numerous installations in different sectors continuously updated and developed with new technologies, materials, components and software is a fundamental prerequisite for obtaining the best solutions and realizing it with the new generations of Mechatronic junior technicians.